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The Biblical Testing of Teachings and Manifestations

This is a book that when you get it, you won't want to put it down until you have finished it.

When I had first hand opportunity in the United States between 2001-2005, to see what was really going on behind the scenes in world wide ministries, I was shaken to the foundation of my being and brought to my knees in repentance. Had I, in the nineteen nineties been infected with this plague of deception? I was broken! In 2002 I had opportunity to speak out against the "cross-less" preaching plague of Neo-Pentecostalism at the closed session of the trustee board of ICBM (International Charismatic Bible Ministries) at (ORU) Oral Roberts University. I told all of those mega ministry people that "preachers should stop preaching their ten tape series to success, and unfinished work gospels, being metered out for financial gain and that we all should get back to the preaching of the cross, personally appropriating the carrying of our own cross and getting our passion back for a relationship with Him". After I had finished, Kenneth Copeland rose to his feet and said "Stephen, you've got it, we need to change and to get our passion back. Your a blood warrior!" and then he went on to talk about how he planned to change. After the morning session, Kenneth Copeland spent about twenty minutes talking to me in the lobby before going to lunch. He said "Stephen you are on fire, I can see it in you." I said, "Yes Kenneth. Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus stood up in the boat at Capernaum and said to the multitude, 'that the Father had told Him that there were ten people in that multitude who were going to give Him/Jesus, a thousand shekels'?"  Kenneth said "Yes Stephen, it's not in there and the people who do those things today, their ministries will fall". I rejoiced and looked for change to happen amongst all those preachers.  In 2003 I had opportunity to return and I said exactly the same things that I had said to them a year earlier. Consequently I have not been asked back again. Nothing has changed, in fact it has got worse. Thank God I just avoided the fowler's snare in time and returned to being a fundamentalist for Bible truth and a Methodist who is also a believer in Classical Pentecostal doctrine.

You must get Revd. Aeron Morgan's book. Maybe not one, but twenty of them to distribute amongst fellow Christians at this time of apostasy, deception, false out-pourings, and 'Oops! sorry-God' false salvation courses. What can I say about the book. Nothing! It is a "stand alone" magnificent, with descriptive exactitude of the last days heresies and deceptions that are presently sweeping our planet. Each time I lift it up, I shudder that I could have been swept away by deception as well. "Oh, my sweet Saviour, I thank you for forgiveness, that you would have seen fit to have forgiven even me."   

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