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The Clerical Collar and Attire!

The Clergy Clerical Collar is not a "Roman Collar". Actually the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church had never worn it until after they had noticed the Anglican and Methodist clergy wearing it. And so they adopted it and made it their uniform of office also, as did the Lutherans, Presbyterians and some of the other non-conformists denominations. However, its present form it was designed by a Protestant, initially worn by Protestant Clergy and on studying its history only a badly informed individual would say otherwise. What was its origin and why can derivatives of this clerical dress code be seen throughout many differing strands of religious expression? Read More




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Independent Methodist Church


Independent Methodist Church













The World Conference of the Wesleyan  Methodist Church is a totally independent denomination and is often known as and called The Independent Methodist Church. This Wesleyan  Methodist Church has an Episcopal Church Government, is Trinitarian, Arminian, with an Original Wesleyan Methodist understanding regarding Holiness and a Classical Pentecostal statement of Faith and Practice. The World Conference of the Wesleyan   Methodist Church's  Ministers, or Clergy, are all "Born Again", "Saved", "Spirit filled  people", who have been consecrated because of a full understanding of "Sanctification" and then "Baptised into the Holy Spirit". Although this Wesleyan  Methodist Church is striving to promote a return to original Methodism, it also see itself, embraces and promotes itself as a denomination that is a fully Pentecostal Church, Charismatic Church, or those who would see themselves as Full Gospel.

( This Wesleyan Methodist Church is also legally registered as the International Wesleyan Methodist Church and also known as The Independent Methodist Church International and the World Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church and all these names are interchangeable and apply to the same Church denomination. ) Therefore: all copyrights reserved

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The strength of the original revivalist message brought by John Wesley, Francis Asbury, John Fletcher, Hugh Bourne, Evan Roberts, D. P. Williams and indeed every other Gospel preacher throughout the centuries of time; "The Word of God delivered with the passion and the fire of the Holy Spirit."

Have you got the Holy Ghost power of the Full Gospel? We proclaim the Full and Glorious Gospel Message of the cross, conviction, repentance, discipleship, obedience and an availability to your heavenly calling to be His inheritance. We preach that True Repentance and Holiness brings True Revival and through True Revival the nations are changed!

Are you "Wholly Saved", "Wholly Baptised", "Holiness Sanctified", and have you experienced the "Holy Ghost Fire Baptism"?

The purifying Holy Ghost Fire of Holiness brings Revival, Deliverance and Blessing!

The Full and complete Gospel is the Message for The Moment! Let the Anointing of the Holy Ghost break bonds off Your Life! It's time to be free, to receive the good things of God. The Gospel is Good News not bad news. God brings Peace and Joy, Healing and Deliverance. It's time to hear the Good News. The Gospel is Good News. Jesus brings the Joy, and the Peace, Peace.  It's Time for Your Miracle! Figs don't grow on thorns or grapes on thistles! Get to where the good stuff grows!

The World Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church was founded in order to provide a church for the many Christians who want clear fundamental Biblical directives given in matters of faith and practice. A full and explanatory history is given as to why this Wesleyan Methodist Church has been started

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If you believe that their should be five fold ministry working in the church, then you are a Christian who believes in Episcopal government in the church.

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As a Christian, I believe that you, like me will be thanking God for so many opportunities that Christians can have right now to take their stand for the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ.

You are invited to become a MEMBER of the
Wesleyan  Methodist Church. It is vital that all right thinking "Spirit filled Christians" join with us in a move toward scriptural truth.

As a Wesleyan  Methodist Church we are determined to regain the original fundamentalist theological stance that the founder of Methodism John Wesley stood for as itemised in his written Works. Also the Primitive Methodist Hugh Bourne who, together with the Wesley brothers and the Methodists of their times, would be appalled to see the present outcome of the general Methodist Churches with regard to many things.

As a Pentecostal Church we are also dedicated to an uncompromising stand for the glorious gospel in all of its fullness. We also recognize, that many of the founders of "Pentecostalism", would disagree completely with the recent move away from Bible Fundamentalism by many Pentecostals, their leadership and their churches.

Wesleyan  Methodist Church is counted as a Pentecostal Church as well as being Methodist and as such it is firmly rooted in a Faith and Practice which presents and returns to Scriptural truth.

The World Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church

John Wesley stained glass window by Ed Moultrie from cover of the book.


















John Wesley stained glass window by Ed Moultrie from cover of the book.









Revd. John Wesley MA

Oh worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness

Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.             (Psalm 24:3,4)



               CHRIST JESUS IS LORD                      

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