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Deceptive Doctrines that are Unscriptural

There are "Christians" who think that they are safe and secure and going to heaven and yet they are no more secure than the man in the moon and they are not saved and they are on their way to hell.

Let us begin with an important question - "What are the worst and most damaging doctrines in the Western church today?" I believe that the most damaging doctrines are the ones that actually steal people's Salvation by lies and deception and afterwards wrap them in a false cocoon of comfort and assurance of a salvation they don’t have, having religion but not the life of Christ.

There are major doctrines that do this that I want to deal with. There is nothing worse than giving false comfort and hope to people who are in danger, especially when it is their eternal life that is at stake. It is the worst crime imaginable and the worst thing any preacher could do - and yet preachers do it every week across the Western world. There will be many a lost soul in hell looking for the false preacher who lied to them and caused them to end up there. False preachers will be the most popular people in hell, or should I say rather, unpopular and it will be those they lied to that will be there cursing them and accusing them for eternity, which will make their damnation all the worse. As those one led to Christ will be a part of their blessing and reward in eternity with Christ, so these who were lied to and deceived will be a part of the judgment of those who led them astray for their own personal gain and fame.

Imagine if a building was on fire, but instead of crying out and warning the people, you went and comforted them and assured them they were OK and that they would not be hurt but survive, leading them wrongly - even while the smoke curled up from beneath and the fire was about to devoir them. Wouldn't it be your fault if those people believed you and died needlessly because they followed you, when they could have escaped had they know the right way to take to get to safety?

Such is the situation today in many churches, and God will hold accountable those who lull the sheep falsely with soothing lies and deceptions that give them a false hope. I tell you - this is a matter of life and death. And God's judgment is coming against all who prove to be such hirelings that preach messages to "tickle the ears" rather than lead men and women to true faith and repentance that results in genuine salvation. Today men are afraid to offend anyone by telling them that the need to repent of their sins telling them that all good men go to heaven and many other flesh soothing lies.

This message is NOT an exhaustive or extensive dealing with any of these doctrines, but only enough to try and show the problem with them and cause others to think and question these doctrines and begin to search the scriptures for truth, without the man-made filters that we have been given and taught to have in our faith for so many years.

What they have set up in the Western church is an entire system of FALSE ASSURANCE. First, they falsely assure people that they are “born again” when they are not. Then they falsely assure them that it is “IMPOSSIBLE” for them to lose their salvation - no matter what they do. Then they falsely assure them that they will escape all end-time tribulation and persecution with an ultra-convenient ‘Rapture’. They top all that off with motivational preaching and the prosperity message and give them everything needed for a great deception and falling away from truth.

They have it all sewn up! It is a kind-of “cradle to the grave” system of false salvation. A whole set-up devoted to convincing Hell-bound people that they are going to Heaven by the “cheap and easy” route. Like the Fast Food outlets that we have invented in the West, it is all about ‘Instant Gratification’. It is the cozy, warm and comfortable way. No holiness needed. Just like going through a McDonalds drive-through. “Do you want fries with that ‘happy meal’, sir?”

Every one of these lies is perfectly suited to our Western mindset. That is why they have been so successful. But that does not stop them being LIES. Nor does it stop them from sending multitudes to Hell.

Western nations have become devotees of a kind-of “no pain” religion. Sadly, that religion no longer resembles true Christianity. Let us REPENT of ALL such doctrines before it is too late and turn back to the truth that can truly save and prepare us for heaven.

When you are convicted of sin, it is then God gives you the grace to repent. Repentance is a gift from God and it comes with conviction and when you are convicted, you should run to God and repent. God can use someone who repents.

Here are the most deceptive doctrines.

Click on them all and read them through thoroughly, as they may save you from going to hell.







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